1. Subject-matter
These terms of use govern the legal frame for the use of the Internet page http://www.one-4-one.de/, represented by the Managing Director Klaus-Georg Weigand, and apply to all volumes contained herein. The one4one Services GmbH reserves the right to modify henceforth the terms of use in compliance with legal regulations. In case of modification the updated version is being published on this Internet page indicating the date of change.

2. Copyright
The Internet page http://www.one-4-one.de/ is protected by copyright concerning all its volumes as well as its structure. The one4one Services GmbH endeavours to respect the copyright of utilised charts and texts in all publications, or to use self-provided charts and texts or to fall back on public domain charts and texts. Articles of third parties are labelled as such.  Should an infringement of copyright occur, though, the one4one Services GmbH will, after notification, remove the relevant object from its publication respectively mark it with the appropriate copyright.
All brands and trademarks mentioned within the Internet offer and, as the case may be, protected by third parties, are liable without restrictions to the clauses of the earmark laws effective at any one time and the titles of the particular registered owners. The conclusion is prohibited that trademarks merely mentioned might not be protected by the rights of third parties. The one4one Services GmbH is solely entitled to the copyright for its own volumes.
The utilisation or copying of such charts, sounds or texts in other electronic or printed publications is not allowed unless specifically approved.

3. Liability for volumes
The one4one Services GmbH endeavours to provide complete and correct data. Requirements for indemnity because of lack of quality, suitability, correctness, accurateness or completeness of all materials and information contained in the Internet page are excluded. Exempted are requirements for indemnity of the user because of violation of life, bodily harm, and infringement of health or because of breach of cardinal obligation and also for other damages depending on an intended or wantonly negligent breach of duty of the one4one Services GmbH, its legal representatives or auxiliary persons. Cardinal obligations are of that ilk that their fulfillment is necessary to reach the aim of the contract.
In case of breach of cardinal obligations one4one Services GmbH is liable for typical, foreseeable damages only, unless the indemnity claims of the user result from violation of life, bodily harm or infringement of health.
These limitations apply in favour of legal representatives and auxiliary persons of one4one Services GmbH, too, if requirements are asserted directly against them.
The limitations of liability as aforesaid are effective for all contractual and non-contractual requirements.  The liability clauses within the coverage of § 44 a TKG (telecommunications act) remain unaffected thereof.

4. Internet Links
The Internet page of the one4one Services GmbH contains direct and indirect cross references (links) to other Internet pages outside the area of authority of the one4one Services GmbH. The one4one Services GmbH has checked the external Internet pages linked to its own Internet page with regard to possible legal infringements and has linked such pages only which revealed no unlawful volumes at that point in time. However, the one4one Services GmbH does not have a bearing on the volumes of these pages. It is not the one4one Services GmbH being responsible for the volumes of these pages, their availability, correctness and excactness, but the particular providers or carriers thereof. By the linkage the one4one Services GmbH does not appropriate the volumes of external web pages.

5. Data Protection
On the part of the user the transmission of private or business data, e. g. of names and addresses, always takes place on a voluntary basis.
The one4one Services GmbH will not utilise data of the user for the purpose of advertising, market- or opinion research unless the user give his permission.
The one4one Services GmbH permanently endeavours to protect your data against unauthorised access of other parties. Protection without gap, however, cannot be granted particularly during data transmission in the Internet (e. g. communication by e-mail).

6. Final Clauses
Should a provision of these terms of use be invalid, the validity of the remaining clauses is not affected. An invalid clause shall be replaced by a provision coming as close as possible to the invalid one according its spirit and purpose.
Individual agreements as well as special General Terms and Conditions shall precede these terms of use. The one4one Services GmbH objects expressly the utilisation of the contact data duly published in the imprint for sending of not explicitly requested advertising and information material. The one4one Services GmbH, in case of receiving unwanted advertising material, reserves the right to take appropriate legal action.